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"Having a family we know a lot about affordability.  We walk a fine line between affordability and durability."

When you visit Today's Furniture Advantage, everything you see on the showroom floor is available immediately.  Stop in today to look at what could very well be your new furniture!
Youth Furniture
We carry Fox Valley's largest selection of solid wood quality constructed bunkbeds and youth furniture!  Come and see why were #1 in youth furniture!

Bedroom Sets
Nothing is more inviting to a bedroom than an attractive bedroom set and we have a huge selection of bedroom furnishings in our showroom.

Living Room Sets
With our wide selection of furnishings, we're confident you'll find what you're looking for at a great price.

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5600 Woodland Street
Stevens Point, WI
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Today's Furniture Advantage
5421 N. Richmond Street
Appleton, WI 54915
Today's Furniture Advantage and the Valeri Family have made a pledge to donate one bed to a child in need right here in our community for every ten mattress sets sold in our stores!

Today's Furniture Advantage and the Valeri family believes every child has the fundamental right to have a place to sleep.

Children have no control over their circumstances that they are born into, whether it be poverty, abuse, hunger, or bullying. But we believe that every child has the right to go to sleep at night in a safe warm bed. 
Today's Furniture Advantage is working with the local County Social Services to determine placement for each donated bed. 

Follow our efforts as we will be updating the website monthly to tally how many beds have been donated to children right here in our community!  It's our way of giving back.

Give a Child a Bed Program...
Now I lay me down to sleep...

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5421 N. Richmond Street
Appleton, WI
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(920) 882-0808

Family Owned for Over 40 Years!
Today's Furniture Advantage comes with over 40 years of family friendly savings!

Today's Furniture Advantage
5600 Woodland Street
Stevens Point, WI 54915

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